Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For the past 5 days we have been away. Bali is becoming busier in the south so weheading north east. Snorkelling heaven. the water loos so still and then

 you dip your head under and take a look around

it's peak hour for fish

some of us saw turtles and squid too. Explored a ship wreck and kept going back for more

There have been many busy moments that I could sit back and watch...enjoy. It's not only their hair that's growing.

water palaces

a swing found

the biggest lily pads we have ever seen

that's a factory! a chocolate one

the beach

expanding business

A holiday in a holiday ( which I have to say is very cool)

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  1. superb images Fi, feel like I could escape right now (and wish we could)...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, hope you have a lovely warm and special day...

    School holidays & it's been a nightmare, kids too sick to go anywhere, cooped up in doors, a moments peace before the next fight..