Thursday, July 5, 2012

A day of plans take 2

A great meeting with a really lovely person. Yes we were late. This is unsettling for me as I am always on time if not early. Bali traffic answers to no one.

Samples picked up. This is always really exciting. They need to go back tomorrow....button holes with no holes....not quite as useful. 

Although beautiful... beauty is not always enough

Meeting number 2 the exciting one delayed. sure we can keep 4 kids in a fancy smanz place busy for 2 extra hours! no worries.... and then it is postponed... after Giant cupcakes have been consumed

More traffic home - almost 2 hours to go 25 km. The holiday makes have arrived. we are heading North where it is quiet for the duration...

spending time with the fishes....

wearing snorkels , 

not concrete boots

6 month ago I would not have hopped on the back of a motor bike to travel to a place unknown with a man I have never met without telling anyone... today I did. My only thought at the time was utter astonishment at the guy on the bike in front. Single handedly driving a bike and holding a rather large satellite dish....I wished I could take a photo but my multi tasking skills were no competitive with his

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