Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sticks or twigs?
the discussion that kept us from noticing a 20 minute
drive down a bumpy road

Something has shifted. We have passed the halfway mark and time seems to be speeding up. We are looking at the things we still would like to see and do and are dealing with a finite period of time.
I know we have had a huge holiday and am grateful for that . The island has so much more than I envisioned and we are not even close to discovering half of what it has to offer. 

We are already chatting about the next spot to visit.... any amount of time in a different place be it far north queesland , tasmania or vietnam lets you have a feel of the place. You become attached due to your experiences. It is the pull of family and friends that brings you home.

To sit in my kitchen and have a natter will seem like a longed for treat. A walk down to the village and seeing people we know well. Swapping kids for a play, sleepovers and lollies. t A gorgeous glass of red chosen by my brother in law. ( he knows all the good ones)

These are all things I am looking forward to.

Good news just in. Oliver has a place at the kindy he loves. 2 days after we get back!. this was one of the decisions we made so long ago. It seemed really very important back in january. The kindy is wonderful and as Oliver has not been to daycare etc unlike the other kids I was a little worried ( I don't know why) that he needed Kindy . The children there go to the same school the following year. An easy transition would be wonderful.

Now we have a spot. Chilli the cat is getting fatter by the day too. 
Today I feel the universe loves us..

off to the beach for a swim and early tea

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