Thursday, May 3, 2012

You think you are headed one way and then a possibility arises. Are you open to it? and the labour involved? I'm sorry if this is a bit obtuse my mind is in a whirl... maybe we will maybe we won't but that is discussion for another day.

It's Friday  and yes it does feel like the end of the week even on holidays. Last day of school for the week and we are wrapping up the final list of spelling today. We are planning a mini picnic to watch the sunset

During our stay I have made quick notes/ tips of all the things I wish I knew at the beginning. Some of them seem comical now but it's always nice to head into the weekend with a laugh and look back and know you are sightly wiser today than you were a week ago... that is assuming you are not forgetting the same amount  along the way. I do sometimes think that the mothering gig does sometimes cause your brain cells to abandon ship and go looking for a brighter organism.

have a wonderful weekend

note 1
Bring tampons. Don't ask your friend to send them in the post 1 week after you get here and then bug another friend to pop packs in her bags when she visits.

 a great picnic
natures jacks
seaweed farming
a presentation
sample arriving tomorrow

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