Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a bit if a quickie today. post that is .... not more information than you wanted 

After walking past the glass topped dining table for the past month today I actually saw it... the 3 little kids were busy making a city noah was reading so I ran upstairs to grab him unnoticed. We needed to work quick. I do not need to teach 3 year olds to paint on other peoples furniture although that is exactly what we were doing. 

I wasn't too sure how this was going to go
all you need
glass ( a tabletop was perfect)
paint ( the thicker the better. we used the paint that comes freeing plaster of Paris kits. any will do)
a brush, stick, newspaper 
sheets of paper
sponge and tea towel

technique 1
slather the paint on a brush and paint a simple image lay paper over the top and rub... printing 101 and a lot of fun. you can add other pieces of paper to get a second print. in the name of speed we used anything that came to hand. sticks newspaper etc. have a wet cloth handy and a tea towel you don't love . wipe and dry between designs

technique 2
slap on a large block of colour and scratch into it. Our fingers worked best. although you can't see the paint being removed anywhere other than on your fingers  - it will work. 
lay paper as before rub and peel off. we had a whole table full very quickly. none of them masterpieces as we were just having a go

technique 3
Use everything learned so far and reuse the same piece of paper over and over to build up you print. this is a unique print and very hard to get 2 prints. it may be great it may be a mess but it's a lot of fun.

15 mins total and alot of fun. 

Nick walked past and the only thing he said was " that new sponge only lasted an hour"

NB - the table looks perfect .... almost ready for another session

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