Friday, March 23, 2012

ogah ogahwhat a great time of year to be here . 

Each of the villages make a huge and I mean huge paper mache statue ( so professional truly glorious) with no though to infrastructure boundaries like electric wires, traffic and trees ARE ALL COERCED OUT OF THE WAY TO MAKE ROOM FOR THESE STATUES.

We were lucky enough to see some being built. transported and then finally the parade , music and dancing that goes with it. and of corse just like home we met people while watching the parade that we knew. (so nice after only a few weeks) firecrackers music and bonfires. noah thinks every trip to bali should be at this time. 
great to see Indonesians wearing  traditional dress and dancing while holding an ipad. the proud little boys participating for the first time...

people talking to us
dancing and saying hello

3 weeks in we can answer salmat datang   
a little thing I know but I am proud to see the kids answer

 nyepi tomorrow a whole day of silence
sounds like a wonderful theory

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