Friday, March 23, 2012

It is not quite as relaxing as I first supposed although enjoyable. With kids I think you are always busy. Always the next game of no or boggle, gang ( lane) to explore. The elasticity of time is different though. If I look back over a day I see how many things we have done the changes are less about how many but more about how much time spent. We discovered a birds nest several days ago and have slowly tracked its progress from the out door bath often..  with mum watching closelyAt home it would have been quick glimpses.

 All the boys including nick have been sick in pretty quick succession with high fevers for days at a time. They all need mum so not a lot of sleep has been had on my part. With the upside being I didn't have  to rush the others to school. A day of sleeping for Noah did not require a phd in time management like it may have at home. I could read to him and the others for hours at a time... it's little things like that ... the world of difference

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