Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where is the drama?
writing is a wonderful way to record time and share information. The questions is how much do you share? I did not want  and nor do I think do you , a long running list of family life and the foibles that come with it . The daily minuitae of items broken, What we had for dinner and kids accidents etc

It seems a few readers would like to know... I will try and make a list this week ( not an exceptional one just a week) and you will really understand why you just don't want to know.

everything by post.... we love seeing the red van arrive

Meet the teachers The distance education program is amazing ( although I think the workload may be enormous - we shall see) we met the teachers this week. have you ever wondered what a school without students would be like? it's still a school just not as you know it. Teachers on the phone and skyping . Just to let you know those teachers can be very noisy without the students

Am thinking more about the trip... supplies washi tape , lots of glue, sharpeners
paper, string, painting and collage, grass baskets... with time on my hands it would be great to concentrate on art and design with kids

This weekend  I started photograhy lessons with Holly ( 8 with camera) and oliver (3 with iphone). A kids eye view of the world is alot of fun. The key is keeping it simple. With digital cameras it is instantly rewarding. No rush to the chemist after 3 days to find.... blur blur and is that a tyre?

lesson 1.
Pick a spot
take 10 shots from this spot without moving your feet

How do you think they look. " all of mine are amazing"  and whne we scrll back through we all ahh at the same time on one gorgeous shot. So yes not all shots are equal

speak no....

We were having so much fun the kids wanted to have another task. This time 10 shots of manmade things... does Oliver count? you made him..." 
oli went the hipstmatic route 

 Even had fantasies of a flat tummy today you know the one you have when you look in the mirror but goes away as soon as you relax.... hmmmm very shallow thoughts

A small note book is the way to go to keep a true record. By the time I get to the computer random thoughts have passed me by. Sketches on the backs of envelopes are falling out of my car and handbag.... now we don't officially have an address those envelopes are dwinldilng. ** bought a beautiful new notebook just gorgeous have written one line in over a week...maybe dictate into my phone

note to self
things you can do with an electric frypan.... no oven and one shelf in the fridge
bilpin apple picking

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