Thursday, February 9, 2012

The romantic notion of an idyllic time away with your family definitely starts when you get there. A mountain of paperwork and fine print reigns down prior. The amount of times I have said in the last month 

"Yes 4 children"  
" 3 boys and a girl"
" our girl is the second eldest not the last"

Would make me a rich woman if i received a dollar each time. Where we live 4 kids are almost the standard. it seems if you leave our suburb it is worthy of comment

It's a count down now each day a little list of to do. Less than 3 weeks to go

This is todays list

Travel insurance - much less than anticipated even with all the fine print
Ticket photocopies - not to be kept with the passports and tickets.
Vaccinations - OMG huge huge huge expense. 
Almost want a monkey bite to get our moneys worth.

* a small note if you are on a timeline like us. order these from your pharmacy 2 days in advance to allow for a missed delivery. Do not like us cram a last minute appointment for 6 family members on a friday night. accompanied by a large box of chocolates for the very helpful doctor.

Meeting the current teachers to let them know
Book in the car for panel beating on monday

we will have lots of pics and drawing to upload also soon.... as soon ans my phone and computer are talking to each other again... soon

note to self 
first day of kindy
flute lesson

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