Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been a month at home today. 
We still feel calm. 
A bit other worldly still.
There is one major difference. No More micro managing. Organising the kids social lives.... no . If they ask and organise something themselves absolutely. Risks we are embracing them. Choices letting the kids make them. The result some viewing at a friends we wouldn't have chosen. A few days of nightmares followed.
Speeding down hills. 
Riding ahead. 
No car means we are all walking a lot. also makes you really think about if you want go.
Completing the whole recipe unaided ( slight grating of fingers and a little too much garlic) The lesson less is more learned.
The festival of cooking continues as do the drop ins from friends. 
It's calm at home.
Lots to be done still.
Our tenants were not kind to the little blue house.
Charlie Sparkle has gone walk about ...
Lost pet signs to be made again
A sense of de ja vu

Another merchandising project... I am excited. Possibility of book design in the works also. New product has arrived. Orders going out...seeds planted 

School holidays

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