Wednesday, August 1, 2012

beccy do you think I have enough photos yet?

outdoor kitchen = ants 
We are packing again... off tomorrow to explore Nusa Lombongan. 
No WIFI or arms for 5 days. 
We are becoming addicted to the holiday within a holiday. The countdown is really on now. 24 days until we fly out. A holiday for most 24 days feels like a mere silver streak of time left. 

I did try ( and failed) to explain how I was feeling to Nick. 

It's a bit like having a baby. The lead up ( pregnancy)  flying in and setting up home (the labour)  planning the days and the unreality of it all, can be overwhelming ( the birth) I am really looking forward to taking this baby home. Living the way we hope to. Doing things we have learned. Working as a family in the real world.
I am excited . To see my friends and family ( endless cups of tea) ride bikes to the village , cook and cook some more. Many plans for the garden too....

Stitching , weaving, learning and teaching, a new direction... pretty exciting stuff

tonight it's a last date before we go

thank you a great write up from kelly at be a fun mum yesterday

lots of art posts to come.
am exploring instagram find me at fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage

until next week... 

thread and hooks

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