Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Culture clash

Book a car to hire a couple of days in advance. Proceed to make appointments so as to get a lot done in one day. Gorgeous samples to pick up. Exporting and all the details. A car load of fruit to take on holiday on Friday. Pop in an order for new boots .... I have finally joined the long list of ladies who organise their own birthday present.

A lovely busy day ahead. I do look forward to these at times

Check the car is available at 7am . Wonderful. Everyone fed dresses. Answered the question Why do we have to go out. I want to stay hooooomee. We went out last week!

Pop in to pick up the keys.
self portrait

the mechanic came to pick it up earlier? Don't know if it will be back today.... or tomorrow...
We booked the car? yes you did

Wifi and phone reception on the blink. Trying to call and reshedule.

That's Bali

Sadly I drew the boots. Even while thinking everything is pants.
Am thinking a picture may be required before placing my order. I  had heard you need to say one right and one left. do not try on only one foot or you will get one boot... or two rights.

Have to laugh although I do feel a little bit like a child who has been grounded.

boots and crochet. am i missing winter subconsciously
the hours! back to back twice in a day - love it
a book list needed
another farewell

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