Monday, July 2, 2012

not quite what we thought...

Desperate to send products pics out. I have tried 3 times. Each time attaching each individual pic. The wifi drops out and saves nothing. 
Kids start fighting out in the pool just outside the door. I can see them but the glass is not sound proof. if anything it amplifies the squabbling. I stand up , open the door sort it out. Explain what I am trying to do and ask them to be nice. 

Start again. 
From scratch. Re attach files. Fighting erupts. 

Get up again. stop the game. reorganise the kids. 
Sit down . 
start again.
The shouting is even louder accompanied by whining and crying. I get up again...shout %%#$##@!!! to an empty room ( some words said out loud can actually make you feel better). go outside and calmly work it all out. complete with fake smile ( you know the one where you are clenching your teeth)

Realising the room where I %%#$##@ out loud wasn't as empty as first thought...

say nothing

make no eye contact with the child draped across the bed still reading

so still

Cringe inside... say nothing

continue to upload

gallery day
 how big is a loaf of bread really?
not locals at all

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