Thursday, July 26, 2012

I have to thank a friend for this introduction.Wonderstruck-Brian-Selznick This author/illustrator is amazing. Wonderstruck was a 7th birthday present last week. 

I am reading it to the children 20 or so pages at a time. NOOO they say when I stop on a predetermined page. Holly is convinced I read ahead 
( which I haven't even though it's so hard not to).

The kids have been asking for the book several times a day. The household stops. It's quiet and wonderful. I limit the reading to 25 - 30 pages. I don't want the book to whizz by.

It's brilliant. Ages 4 - 39 are all enthralled

If anyone head any recommendations we are almost finished. the graphic novel is a hit
I am reading as slowly as possible

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  1. sounds brilliant! I will swap you any Roald Dahl book (we have the complete set).... Enjoy your trip x