Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Many things running through our heads at the moment. With only 8 weeks to go. We are not ready for this family time to end. I sent an email to Tanya the writer of Bejing Tai Tai... asking a few of the big questions

How was the transition home? 
Did you feel torn even after several months? maybe years. 
We are heading home from our own experiment and are torn. We love australia. The village we live in the walk to school. Here in Bali there is a school and way of life here ( in bali with 4 kids) that we had hoped to achieve in Sydney. the school here is one of a kind. We feel so different about going home than we expected. My business is going to take a more handmade turn. After home schooling I feel differently about the kids education.  it's been great to live with less stuff. Did you change your life at home much. Or did china feel like a dream? is your heart unexpectedly in both camps?

Tanya was fabulous in responding quickly and positively. I did not think we would become so attached to this life. Not the working or lack of it part. We are both keen to work once again. We enjoy what we do. I am thinking book design, combined with Fiona kate, illustration and design - possibly a teaching certificate so I can teach at uni or TAFE. An aimless life is not for us. We can not endlessly enjoy each day as it comes. There is a planning and structure to our time now...

With only 8 weeks to go we are savouring the time but talking much more about how we would like to live at home. Trying to do this not in ear shot of the kids is the tricky part. Noah already offering to go to school here. Holly saying we need a quick visit home before we come back...

The big kids have been away for too long now. I miss them the home seems quiet and it has been wonderful spending time with the two littlest. Our whole family now fits on a motor bike. 2 boards 2 kids 2 adults 2 helmets and off we go. the only thing missing is a large household implement. i.e. wheel barrow, ladder, plate glass window or the anvil Nick is always on the look out for.

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