Monday, May 7, 2012

So many plans today. Monday is a school day for us. I had planned a great lesson this morning with a little maths this afternoon.

The best laid plans

I now have homework tonight

 I don't understand the new way Year 5 work out long division with decimals! and so I can not explain the working to Noah.I do not want him to get muddled up now

I remember my own struggles with long division in year 3. A long night with my dad and many paper napkins late with me wailing " that's not how my teacher does it"

Here I am learning it again. ( for about 1 hour or at least I thought it was but I found myself sidetracked looking at gorgeous high heel leather sneakers online)

why is it different? the working not the answer ( don't worry I do know the answers)

Nicks answer everyone does it on the calculator anyway - what a colossal waste of time. if you believe in karma ... he promptly burnt his hand quite badly so I think teachers are a powerful universal force.

So I am dragging my feet with the weight of my imagined school bag this afternoon. Just the thought of long division tonight....

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