Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freeeedom!!! after weeks of steeling myself I can finally ride the motor bike.... Each day I rode a little further never enjoying it but aiming to get somewhere in particular... a very importance place the massage place... today I rode there. Like a little old lady never  pushing it over 30k/h but on a Bali road it is impossible to be a nuisance. Lots of twists and turns and one of the biggest hills in Bali , also known as the body drop...

The sense of freedom was exhilarating. Not booking a driver or car just going . Me on my own... a little bit of an achievement. anyone who was either with me in mexico ( a stack on sand of great catastrophe , or Queensland, just running into a wall) would quake. 

I just needed to do it.


I think my learning has steadily slowed over the years but many reasons not to do something. I needed to really push myself to learn. Why? confidence? maybe . The first couple of times my hands were shaking and I made myself go a little further each day at different times so I could get some experience in the face of cows, chickens and tour bus hour at the local temple... 

Nick all excited started talking about a Vesper when we go home I did sell my car before coming here but a vesper instead of a car. what do you think would happen first if there was me going down the road in freshwater with 2 kids on the front and 2 kids on the back? 

a) DOCS calls round, 
b) someone films it loads up to tube and DOCS calls round, or 
c) the police stop me and DOCS call round

No to mention our next camping trip. Going up the highway pulling a trailer with the boats , boars and kids on top. Nick and I in front on the Vesper?

Nick wondered why I was laughing...


  1. love it - I can just see the picture!

    1. hi sal
      send me your email. I have a pic that you might need