Thursday, April 26, 2012

There were 2 posts tonight jostling for attention but they just got bumped for the best news ever. Our chilli cat has been found. 3 months after he was lost . This  was the major calamity of our trip and is still talked about.

To top it all off he was found by our very special cat keeper. We are all zoo excited there has been much jumping around in the little green house tonight. 

We even saw chilli on Skype. Not that the would look at us. Can't say I blame him we will rest easy tonight knowing he is in the 5 star Jo hotel for audacious felines.


  1. He came back tonight :)))) and is again happily ensconced in his bed with fleecy blanket, he has a full tummy, had plenty of tickles under the chin and is meowing and purring !!! xx

  2. Can't believe how much better he looks after just two days :)... his coat is feeling glossy and he has honoured us with his presence INSIDE our home for a few minutes, even got on george's knee for a cuddle, love the images :)