Monday, April 30, 2012

"Oli has just gone on the bike to pick up his girl friend from school"....

This may sound OK when looked at in isolation.... 
Oli is 3
He can't drive a motor bike

Never in a million years or in the stuff of nightmares did I think that I would need to sit down with my 3 year old and let him know he was not to go anywhere, with anyone before checking with me first. Especially on a motorbike , without a helmet. Sending his 6 year old brother to tell me as he is whizzing out the driveway is not the way to go.

His girlfriend is 8 years older ( she is his mates sister , the end to many good friendships). He often gets dressed all in red so he looks like a ninja? and pops off to see his girl friend. I can see him from the kitchen window in the garden.

Final words from Oli " mum I was wearing sunscreen"

I will never be a true local.

fire dance
family olympics

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