Sunday, April 15, 2012

everything we need

We moved into the green house today and it really is green . It's gorgeous and we feel cozy here already. An outdoor kitchen and lounge mean the pool is right there and in use constantly. feels a little strange in a wonderful way to be chopping up veggies for dinner whilst giving feedback on how well oli is kicking!

We followed steps down to what we thought was a long and winding track to find the most beautiful view of uluwatu and nicks favourite break ( a now Noah's ) a few minutes walk means thrice daily checks on conditions. It's a great walk and I would happily send the 2 big kids down there to check for low tide. their independence is growing and i am feeling comfortable with the extra freedom. after 6 weeks of being The Kids , playing, sleeping & eating  together. The big ones do like to have a few little privileges. 

The sunset renders us all speechless for quite a few moments. No more gigantic snails and crazy squirrels. Frogs, preying mantis and geckos reside here

happy. calm

a late swim under the stars

only a week here before we move out for 5 days - another move
complete absence of wifi sends me into a spin
sending off the schoolwork

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