Friday, March 30, 2012

I think it was the time to concentrate on my children. Their abilities & enjoy their personalitlies. Teach them and listen to them - really listen ... every time. The idea of this is what really made time out appealing. The chance to spend the full 2 minutes cleaning their teeth , helping them dive, answering questions about why ninjas spin?. 

 this has been a wonderful experiment? experience? 

but today I can hear myself and am thinking "give them a break!" 

they can sort it out ( may the victor emerge from the room unscathed)

10 minutes of no sudden movements ( me sketching hidden from view in a corner of the garden)
peace is restored.... or did they fight to the death? at this point the silence is golden & the water lilly sketched

Just a shame I didn't have a proper pencil

nts ** I had been snapping shots of the emerging lillies. 
It turns out noah was too. 
His shots are of leaves and water


  1. loving these images... composition is spot on :) Great to talk to you on skype even though I couldn't really see you on my little screen!! sounds like you are having an amazing "time out"x

  2. amazing.... a parcel arrives with two beautiful tops... THANK YOU.. I will put them away and know they will both love them :)